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Watch the recording of our Make More Money Ticketing webinar with a panel of 5 industry experts.
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
April 30, 2024

Join us for an engaging chat with industry gurus. We dive into several topics, like:

  • The wild ride of ticketing: What's in store for the industry? And where do our beloved indie venues fit into the mix?
  • Fees: We all have feelings about them. Let's unpack the love/hate relationship.
  • Premium and Platinum: What are these and how does the industry feel about them?
  • Fan data: It's not just numbers—it's gold! Learn how to turn fan insights into booking wins, marketing magic, and revenue boosts.

Watch the recording:

Big thanks to our awesome panelists:

  • Rebecca Throne: Rebecca spent two decades at the Burning Man Project, a majority as Head of Ticketing. Most recently, she was SVP of Strategy and Partnerships at See Tickets.
  • Andy Donner: Andy’s experience consists of leading teams at Ticketfly, Eventbrite and Lyte.
  • Sean Porter: Former CTO at Ticketfly, current CEO/Co-Founder at Union
  • Julia E. Heath: Current New Orleans Policy & Outreach Manager - Mayor's Office of Nighttime Economy, formerly leadership at NIVA
  • Jon Larner: San Francisco Entertainment Venue Owner & Operator

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