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A purpose-built calendar for venue management

Replace digital duct-tape solutions and manage your venue with a calendar tool designed to be a system of record for your entire team.
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Manage all of your holds and confirms across multiple venues in a single calendar.

Manage all of your calendars in a single place

Easily toggle through calendars to view the information you need, without ever leaving the tool.
Manage multiple venue calendars on one screen
Quickly switch between calendars
Keep all your events in sync

Categorize holds, bookings, and more

With a single click, view all of your holds, what's on sale, or confirmed in a calendar or list view.
Quickly filter your view from month to list
Toggle filters to view holds, confirms, on-sale, and past events

Rank and automate holds

Rank each of your holds based on how desirable an act is and give each one the option to either move up in priority when another hold is removed, or to remain in its current ranking.
Quickly add holds to your calendar
Select multiple dates with varying hold levels
Configure you holds to auto promote when another hold is deleted

Grab your venue's availability with a few clicks

Manually digging through multiple calendars to get availability over to agents is a time suck. Easily check avails by entering a date range and then filter results to holds, confirms, or specific days of the week. Then it’s copy, paste, and send to the artist team.
Simple filtering allows you to zero in on your desired date range
Specify whether to includes holds, confirms, or both
Copy to clipboard and send to the artist team

Easily import events

Import from Outlook, Google Calendar, or any CSV to keep all of your events and their details in a dedicated place.
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