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Streamlined offer creation and management

Easily create offers and communicate with agents without ever leaving the tool.
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Build and send offers directly within Opendate and track responses from each artist.
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Create and send offers from right within the app

Send offers to agents from Opendate, keeping the status and communication relating to the contract all in a single space.
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Access your venue’s dedicated pipeline

View offers that have been sent, confirmed, or talent bookmarked for follow-up. You can also access and search all of your historical and upcoming offers in one place. No more searching through folders, documents, and lengthy email threads.
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Offer Templates

Templates built for saving time and accelerating booking

Create your own offer templates to streamline the booking process.


Leverage templates for creating offers, which include all the properties of a deal an agent would like to see, including specific terms.


Customize your offer templates with details on how the offer is structured through ticket sales and bonuses.


Include estimated ticket sales to make the offer even more enticing for the agent, plus line-item expenses so those details are transparent from the get-go.


Once an offer is accepted, your confirmed show will populate on your Opendate Calendar, where you and your team can continue to collaborate and add details to the event.
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