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We help independent venues thrive, so they can keep the music live.


Born out of a venue.

Opendate was started in 2020 by Eric Tobias, Scott Kraege, and Andrew Davis – long-time friends, colleagues, and business partners who accomplished a lifelong dream of purchasing a music venue in their hometown of Indianapolis. The three owners went looking for software to help them run all of the critical functions of their new venue but quickly discovered the industry lacked a centralized operating system. Through their prior entrepreneurial experiences, the new venue owners had built breakout technology products and witnessed the profound impact on the customers that utilized them so they got to work building the platform they wished existed.

Soon the Founders had expanded their single venue to multiple venues of varying sizes, leveraging the Opendate platform to power their growth - from offers to ticketing to settlements.  We then turned our attention to helping other independent venues and promoters benefit from the power of the platform.  

In early 2023, Jeb Banner, a long-time friend and colleague, joined the team as CEO. Jeb is a successful serial entrepreneur, musician, community advocate, and the perfect person to lead the next chapter of the company’s growth.

Opendate is committed to leveling the playing field for independent venues and promoters so they can keep the music live.
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Our Vision

Music is core to who I am. Everyday I am immersed in music. Listening while I work, writing and recording music with my friends, attending concerts and festivals, collecting vinyl records, sharing my love of music with friends and family. I can’t imagine life without music. It’s a dream job to have a chance to help independent music venues and promoters do what they love so we can all experience the joy of live music.

Jeb Banner,
CEO at Opendate


Adam Darrah
Co-Founder and Head of Engineering
Alex Jensen
Product Engineer
Andrew Jensen
Director of Business Development
Jeb Banner
Joel Hubartt
Co-Founder & Head of Design
Liz Prugh
Director of Marketing
Stephen Coley
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
William Rudnick
Sr. Full Stack Engineer

Core Values

Just like it says. If we make a commitment to do something, we do it. We stand behind the integrity of our words. We work to set and manage expectations with ourselves and with our customers. Bottom line, if we say something is going to happen, then it’s going to happen.  

If we blow it, we own it. Sometimes things go wrong and when they do, we make it right. We don’t beat ourselves up, we learn and we grow. But most of all, we take 100% responsibility for the situation and we make it right. Every single time.

There is nothing small in what we are trying to do. The old tools and technology are no longer serving the needs of the live music market. We are just getting started realizing our product vision. We are leapfrogging the existing solutions. We move fast because we need to but also because we can’t wait to get better solutions in place for independent venues and promoters.

We love what we do. We love working with our team and our customers. If we aren’t having fun then we need to stop and ask why. Fun is not a trivial thing to us. It’s core to living a joyful life, at work and at home. When we see someone struggling, we stop and check in. And we invite our customers to have some fun with us as we grow together.


If I'm looking for an artist, I like to see what venues they've played before, where their tour is going, venues they're currently playing and at what capacity. I love how Opendate can immediately show me that.

Bobby Mattingly
General Manager
Moontown Brewing


Opendate is a one-stop-shop for everything I need related to event management. It really is the best platform for our needs.

Dave Stevens
Director of Venues
The Vogue Theatre


Opendate has been a game changer for me and has made my process/life incredibly more efficient.

Andrew Herman
Soundcheck Studios


Opendate ticketing allows us to create multiple ticket tiers and makes setting up promo codes and offers a breeze.

Sarah Silcox
Marketing Director


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