Connecting independent venues and agents with data, artists, and each other

Opendate is bringing the right data, artists, agents, and venues together.

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Building the new hub for the live music industry

Independent music venues are the life-blood of the music industry. For years they have relied entirely on hustle and grit to find artists and book events. Opendate is working to utilize data and software to enable venues and agents to connect and book the right artists on the best night. Our software's aim is to centralize the functions needed to maximize every event. Artist and venue discovery, agent and venue connections, and predictive event analytics.

Who we are, where we are going

Opendate was founded by entrepreneurs with over 50 combined years of software experience and a deep connection to the live music industry. With a focus on using data to enable better decisions, and building relationships to help foster a more collaborative environment, Opendate is committed to helping independent music venues and agents continue to deliver for artists.

Opendate leadership

Eric Tobias

Founder - CEO

Scott Kraege

Founder - COO

Andrew Davis

Founder - CFO

Adam Darrah


Sam Smith


Joel Hubartt


Hannah Myers

Events Manager

Cassidy Carlile

Marketing Manager

Adam Darrah

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Joel Hubartt

Co-Founder & Head of Design

Tanner Steel

Director of Sales and Engagement

Anna Maximoff

Business Development Representative

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