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Opendate is an all-in-one live music platform to help venues & promoters make more money.
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Unlocking Success for Venues and Promoters

At Opendate, we're more than just a platform - we're your ultimate partner in live music success. With our comprehensive suite of tools, we revolutionize the way venues and promoters operate, ensuring seamless experiences and maximizing revenue at every turn.

Streamlined Booking

Say goodbye to the chaos of venue management.
Opendate's booking tools empower you to take control, freeing you from cluttered inboxes and tangled threads. Our purpose-built solutions bring order to the madness, allowing you to focus on what you do best while selling a ton more tickets.
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MacBook mockup

Effortless Ticketing

Opendate combines software and service to deliver a ticketing solution that goes beyond the competition.
From integrated functionality to branded mobile apps, reserved add-ons, and fully integrated websites, we provide all the tools to boost your bottom line.

Automated Promotion

Take your marketing to new heights with Opendate's purpose-built solutions.
Send smarter, more personalized campaigns with ease, leveraging pre-built templates and data-driven insights, and watch your ticket sales soar. With clear attribution and powerful recommendations, our platform empowers you to make every marketing dollar count.
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Our whole experience with Opendate, from start to now, has brought our venue, our business, up a level.

Andrew Herman
Soundcheck Studios

We know Opendate is invested in our success... we knew we weren’t going to get that anywhere else.

Chris Copen
Bottlerocket Social Hall

If you’re really looking to expedite the hold/avail/confirm calendar workflow, there's no better product than Opendate to be able to easily and efficiently manage your calendar.

Kevin Stone
Vice President, Programming
Florida Theatre

If I'm looking for an artist, I like to see what venues they've played before, where their tour is going, venues they're currently playing and at what capacity. I love how Opendate can immediately show me that.

Bobby Mattingly
General Manager
Moontown Brewing

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Discover the simplicity, power, and success waiting for you with Opendate. Elevate your operations, supercharge your ticket sales, and revolutionize your marketing strategy—all in one platform.