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A modern OS for independent venues

From venue management to marketing to ticketing, Opendate is the all-in-one platform for the live music industry.

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How we help

So long, digital duct tape

Opendate is live music management software that removes the friction and inefficiency of managing countless spreadsheets, calendars, file systems, and ticketing platforms. Venues can optimize their workflows by working in one system to accomplish everything needed to put on a show.
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Venue Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of an event from hold to confirm to show night.

Opendate's powerful venue management tools are designed to help you efficiently run your events.
Powerful artist discovery capabilities
Simple calendar management
Robust offer creation and forecasting
Advance your show efficiently
Easy end of night settlement
Manage event assets and documents
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The industry's next-gen ticketing solution

Opendate is the only system that manages your calendar, offers, settlements and ticketing, helping you automate your event build process. Create, publish, and take tickets all in a single tool.
Ticket creation and publication in a single workflow
Sell and scan tickets at the door

Drive venue loyalty and create new revenue channels

Streamline your marketing efforts with actionable data powered by Opendate.
Fan data that fuels your marketing
Drive revenue through a custom branded mobile app
Marketing tools to engage fans
Custom venue websites to showcase your events
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Why trust Opendate?

Let some of our customers explain.
If I'm looking for an artist, I like to see what venues they've played before, where their tour is going, venues they're currently playing and at what capacity. I love how Opendate can immediately show me that.
Bobby Mattingly
General Manager
Moontown Brewing
Opendate is a one-stop-shop for everything I need related to event management. It really is the best platform for our needs.
Dave Stevens
Director of Venues
The Vogue Theatre
From run-of-show schedule to settlement, to ticket sale data, to graphic assets, and more - we can access it all on one concise page in Opendate.
Sarah Silcox
Marketing Director
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