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Alex and Andrew Jensen, founders of NoonChorus, join Opendate to Launch Groundbreaking Venue Management Solutions

Equip your team for success with Opendate’s all-in-one venue operating system

Equip your team with a purpose-built platform that has venue management and ticketing tools in an all-in-one solution. To pull off a successful event, your team needs the necessary tools to get it done.
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
July 20, 2023

Equip your team with a purpose-built platform that has venue management and ticketing tools in an all-in-one solution.

To pull off a successful event, your team needs the necessary tools to get it done. But you don’t want a million different tools in the mix. How is this possible? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Opendate offers venue management and ticketing solutions, helping venues have complete control of the entire lifecycle of an event, from hold to confirm and all the way to show night.

Check out a snapshot of our Venue Management solutions:

  • Inbound: It allows you to gather, organize and evaluate incoming booking requests.
  • Artist Discovery: Search about 2 million performers in a database that has recommendations for your venue — all based on filters and data from all around the world.
  • Calendar: Have the ability to manage all your holds and confirms across multiple venues in ONE calendar.
  • Offers: Now you can build and send offers directly, as well as tracking responses from each artist.
  • Advances: Make advancing simple for you and performer’s teams by leveraging templates and sharing event pages.
  • Settlement: This solution calculates your settlement based on the offer and ticket sales data, giving you the ability to pay the artist.
  • Asset Manager: Keep track of riders, contracts, posters or flyers all in one place, giving access to those who need it.
  • Marketing: Create and schedule social posts while also sending push notifications and SMS messages directly within this solution!

Now let’s talk Ticketing. Opendate Ticketing is the industry’s next-gen ticketing solution. You now have the ability to create, publish and take tickets all in one tool. 

Our automated ticketing experience is the fastest in the industry. With our solution, it creates your event page and social promotions once a show is confirmed. This is done by pulling artist data and assets directly from partners, such as Spotify and

Some cool features:

  • Pull images from Opendate or upload your own
  • Simplify and accelerate event creation with default artist bios
  • Create and manage your own content templates

Venues may be using different solutions and apps to manage ticketing, calendar management and booking. It can be confusing and cause possible clerical headaches. We don’t want that (and we don’t think you do either), which is why Opendate’s live event management tool is the perfect all-in-one solution. 

Your team now has the essential tools in growing your venue while managing and maximizing the increase in venue-goers from your continued success!

Opendate’s Venue Management solution is just the tool to add to your team’s tool belt! With integrated solutions, like Ticketing, your team will be ready to fill the venue to max capacity. 

Learn more about Venue Management and Ticketing. Don’t forget to book a demo, too.

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