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The industry's next-gen ticketing solution

Opendate is the only system that manages your calendar, offers, settlements and ticketing, helping you automate your event build process.

Create, publish, and take tickets all in a single tool.
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A solution for scale

So often solutions for ticketing, calendar management, and booking are disparate, creating inconsistencies in your venue management process. Opendate's live event management tool is an all-in-one solution built for you to grow now, and to manage and maximize the growth that comes with your ongoing success.

Opendate ticketing allows us to create multiple ticket tiers and makes setting up promo codes and offers a breeze.

Sarah Silcox
Marketing Director
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Venues skyrocket with Opendate’s ticketing features

Year-over-year growth
Revenue growth
Increase in add-on sales
Average ticket value increase

An automated ticketing experience that's the fastest in the industry

Opendate automates the process of creating your event page and social promotions after a show is confirmed by pulling in artist data and assets directly from partners like Spotify and
Pull images directly from Opendate or upload your own
Simplify and accelerate event creation with with default artist bios
Create and manage your own content templates
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Opendate Organizer App

The Opendate Organizer app puts your event in the palm of your hand, enabling your team to handle any situation.
Real-time access to sales data
Easy scanning and check-in to give attendees a smooth entry experience
Understand who is in your venue with live attendance tracking
Accept fast payment for tickets at the door
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Explore how Opendate can help you take your event ticketing to the next level. You can also contact us to discuss pricing and packaging.
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