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Introducing Opendate Ticketing. The music industry's fastest ticketing experience available.

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The fastest way to create tickets in the industry

When a show is confirmed, the first task is to get your event page built. Opendate automates the process by pulling in artist data directly from our partners like Spotify and Last.fm.

No need to start from scratch
Use photos and bios from Spotify or Last.fm or add your own
Quickly access assets attached to the event
Add additional images, text, or video blocks

Selling tickets has never been so easy

Opendate Ticketing streamlines the ticket creation, publication, and scanning process, providing the fastest path in the industry from a calendar hold to a ticketed event.

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Screenshot of how the ticket widget appears on a website.
Shot of the iOS app and features.
Once your event moves from Hold to Confirm, you're ready to add tickets. Opendate is the only system that manages your calendar and ticketing, helping you automate your event build process.
Illustration of the Add Ticket widget and its features
Publishing your tickets on your website has never been more simple. A few lines of code is all it takes to start selling.
Illustration of the ticket widget as it appears on a site.
Keeping the line moving is key! The Opendate Ticketing app allows you to quickly scan your customers tickets and get them into your venue. You can even sell tickets directly from the app.
Screenshot of the iOS app and features

Manage your event with the Opendate Organizer app

Real-time access to ticket sales data
Easy scanning and check-in to give attendees a smooth entry experience
Understand who is in your venue with live attendance tracking
Accept fast payment for tickets at the door

Make the ticket buying experience a joy for your customers.

Give your customers the best experience at your venue. From purchase all the way to the show, Opendate Ticketing is built for customers first.
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Simple purchasing

Making it as easy as possible for customers, Opendate Ticketing removes all the friction from the buying process.

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Intuitive ticketing

Upon purchase, customers receive an email with their tickets embedded. Simple, clear tickets which can be printed or simply shown at the door on their phone.

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Easy sharing

Often one customer will buy tickets for their entire group. Opendate makes sharing tickets easy for the customer and the venue gets insight into who is at the show.

Opendate is run by real people. And we're here to support you.

No self-service with Opendate Ticketing. You get real support from real people.
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