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Alex and Andrew Jensen, founders of NoonChorus, join Opendate to Launch Groundbreaking Venue Management Solutions

Settlements made easy

Say goodbye to late-night math following a show with an automated settlement process.
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Opendate automatically calculates your settlement based on the offer and ticket sales data so you can pay the artist.

Sync your ticketing → final settlement in real-time

Now with just a single click from an Event Page, view settlement information that’s automatically updated through Opendate’s Ticketing Solution.
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One-click settlement

Immediately following a show, see exactly what is owed to the artist, saving you time (and sleep!) at the end of the night.
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Organize financial details in an accessible way for the entire team

Keep financials related to each event in Opendate, so you can easily access this critical information and include any important notes or reminders that your team needs.
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