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Create tickets efficiently with Opendate’s hassle-free ticketing system

At Opendate, we pride ourselves on having the quickest, most efficient way to create tickets in the music industry all within one platform. 
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
June 5, 2024

Tickets for a concert can be quite the coveted and in-demand item. It’s what grants fans access to the hottest events of the year.

Before fans can start trickling into an event, tickets need to be created and sold. You need a ticketing system that is simple but efficient. Enter Opendate’s next-gen ticketing system with streamlined features in an-all-one tool — the solution you’ve been looking for!

At Opendate, we pride ourselves on having the quickest, most efficient way to create tickets in the music industry all within one platform. 

Your show has been confirmed. Now what? It’s time to build your event page and let the ticket sales begin. 

With Opendate’s automated process, artist data from our partners like Spotify and Last.fm will be added directly to the event page to start creating your tickets. No need to exit out of the tool!

Create tickets
Pull in artist data and assets directly from partners like Spotify and Last.fm.

With this feature, you don’t have to start with a blank slate. You’re able to access and use pictures and bios from our partners, or you can add your own pictures. Assets attached to your event are also easily within reach. Once you take stock of your page, add more images, text or video blocks where needed.

From ticket creation, to publication, to the scanning process, selling tickets has never been so simple.

Creating tickets: Your event has been confirmed — time to add tickets. Set up default ticket types for events, saving your team several steps when a new event is confirmed. Your team also has the ability to create promo codes across all events.

Ticket promo codes

Publishing tickets: Time to get publishing. After inputting a few lines of code, let the sales begin. 

Publish Tickets

Taking tickets & analyzing data: The anticipation for the event starts in the line — the energy is contagious and you’re ready to jam out. With Opendate’s Ticketing app, it scans customers’ tickets quickly, getting them into the venue more swiftly. The Organizer app allows ticket sales directly, too. Get real-time insight into fan data with your ticketing dashboard.

Analyze ticket sales
View ticket buyer data to influence your marketing campaigns.

Opendate caters to customers, making the ticket buying experience stress and hassle free.

Don’t worry your customers with daunting ticket purchasing. Opendate’s Ticketing system creates a simple and efficient way to buy tickets. After customers buy their tickets, they’ll receive an email with the tickets embedded. Print them out or show the tickets from your phone to grant access into the event. 

For customers buying their group’s tickets, Opendate’s sharing system makes it easy to transfer the tickets. This feature will provide insight to the venue of who’s attending the show.

Opendate offers two app solutions to the Ticketing system: Branded Venue App and Organizer App.

The Branded Venue app is specific to your venue, which includes branding, logo, name and more, all powered by Opendate. The app targets the venue’s loyal fans and allows them to purchase tickets, view upcoming and past tickets, purchase merchandise and more.

Revenue increases with a streamlined experience, allowing fans to buy tickets and add-ons.​​ App users will receive push notifications for updates or promotions.

With Opendate’s Organizer App, venues can sell tickets at the door or box office easily. Once tickets have been obtained, scanning tickets at the door keeps the line moving. No more long wait times to be admitted into the venue — it’s time to rock out.

Real-time sales and check in information is detailed for your events within the Organizer App. Your team can also access information and notes for the event while on the run.

Ticketing is a major aspect of the music industry. Opendate is here to make creating, publishing and selling tickets manageable. Pack the event with dedicated fans by selling out your shows. Learn more about Opendate’s Ticketing system here.

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