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Top 3 wishlist items venues want for calendar management

Opendate’s integrated calendar solution isn’t like any other - it was purpose-built for venue management. You can officially manage all your holds and confirms across multiple venues in just ONE calendar. 
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
August 10, 2023

Watch a demo of Opendate Calendar (less than 3 minutes!)

No matter what kind of industry or role you’re in, a calendar is a necessity to keep your work organized and deadlines in check. But is it possible to manage everything within one calendar? With Opendate it is!

According to our National Survey, about 50% of venue owners don’t believe their calendaring system is purpose-built for their needs.

These venue owners are currently using tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, or spreadsheets to manage their venue’s calendar.

Let’s check off the top three wishlist items that venues want in their calendar system: 

  1. A single calendar that contains holds, tentative shows and finalized bookings in one place.
  2. A collaborative solution with a calendar tool that serves as a single source of truth that updates in real-time when holds and bookings are made.
  3. An integrated venue management tool that updates in real-time for bookings, holds, settlement and more.

How can you find a solution that covers all the bases?

Opendate’s integrated calendar solution isn’t like any other - it was purpose-built for venue management. You can officially manage all your holds and confirms across multiple venues in just ONE calendar. 


Manage all of your calendars in a single place: You have the ability to switch between calendars, but you never have to leave the tool.

You only need one screen to manage your venue calendars and can swiftly switch between calendars. Not only that, but all your events stay in sync. Sounds like a dream!

Categorize holds, bookings and more: View all of your holds, what’s on sale or confirmed in a calendar or list view with only one click.

Filter your view from month to list while using filters to view holds, confirms, on-sale and past events.

Rank and automate holds: You can now rank which hold is your #1 by moving them up in priority when another hold is removed or have them remain in the current ranking.

This solution allows you to add holds to your calendar at lightning speed. You can also choose multiple dates with varying hold levels. Then, manage your holds to auto-promote when another hold has been deleted.

Grab your venue’s availability with a few clicks: It’s such a headache toggling between various calendars to provide availability to agents. Our integrated venue management calendar tool makes checking availability easier than ever. Seriously — enter a date range and filter results to holds, confirms or specific days of the week. After, all you have to do is copy, paste and send to the artists’ team. So easy!

Best news yet? Our Calendar solution makes it effortless to import events.

Whether you use Outlook, Google Calendar or another CSV, our solution imports all your events and event information in one place. Goodbye to clutter!

It’s time to take down the calendar hanging on your wall with a flourish because we’ve got you covered. Let out a sigh of relief — tentative and finalized shows are in one place now. Kick back and relax as all pertinent information for your event continually sync up in real time with an integrated venue management system. PHEW!

Want to learn more about our Calendar solution, check it out here. Don’t forget to schedule a demo while you’re at it!

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