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Opendate introduces the Branded Venue App that puts fans first

Introducing the Branded Venue app — a must-have app for those who work in the music industry and those who are looking to build a loyal fan base for their venue.
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
June 5, 2024

As soon as you turn on your phone, you are met with various apps. There’s an app for streaming the latest and hottest television shows; apps for ordering coffee; apps for booking flights; apps for connecting and staying up-to-date with friends and family. Apps are being utilized daily, perhaps hourly.

Opendate has created an app that is worthy of a place on your phone’s home screen, whether it be an iPhone or Android device. Introducing the Branded Venue app — a must-have app for those who work in the music industry and those who are looking to build a loyal fan base for their venue.

The Branded Venue app is an integrated app within our ticketing system, which means no silo tools are used in creating tickets and pushing updates to app users. Information is all available in the palm of your hand, like pushing update to users regarding weather conditions, available merch and so much more, allowing fans to know all the important details before making your way into the venue. Through Opendate’s app experience, venues are able to build fan loyalty. How do we assist with brand loyalty, you might be asking?

Communication with fans is always paramount for Opendate. We know how important fans are to the success of an event and your venue's brand.

Within the Branded Venue app, you have the opportunity to chat 1:1 with top fans of your venue through SMS and push notifications. Keep them up-to-date on upcoming shows and send out updates for events. By staying in touch with fans, venues build a relationship with them, earning their continued patronage.

Speaking of fans, analyze your fan's engagement with your venue with Opendate’s Fan Manager solution. With Fan Manager, you can segement fans by their behavior, like seeing a list of last-minute ticket buyers. Instantly grab this information to run a push notification campaign targeting those last-minute ticket buyers.

Fan Manager dashboard

When attending an event, fans will always flock to the merch booth to see all that’s displayed — it’s a great way to remember the night in the form of a t-shirt, tote bag, and more. However, lines to merch booths can be long, and you may be cutting it close to the time the show starts. Thankfully, Opendate provides a solution to long lines: fans are able to purchase merch directly from a venue's branded Venue App.

Another channel for fans to purchase tickets

With the help of a branded mobile experience, designed specifically with fans in mind, venues are able to drive revenue easily. Add-ons and upgrades are available for purchase within the app, giving venues an opportunity for increased revenue.

Be in-the-know with Opendate’s Branded Venue app. The app is simple to use, and because we know we always have our phones with us, information about upcoming events, buying merch and tickets and receiving updates about an event can all be accessed with a couple clicks on your phone.

Learn more about the Branded Venue app and request a demo today!

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