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How to leverage your fan data to build additional revenue streams

It’s time to get to know your fans! By being in tune with your fans, you can provide them the best experience possible and continue to build a loyal fan base while creating higher revenue. There’s always room for improvement, and Opendate can provide assistance with collecting actionable fan data.
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
March 14, 2024

It’s time to get to know your fans! 

Opendate conducted a national survey of nearly 70 venues and learned 55.9% of venues say they collect regular feedback from patrons [fans] after events, compared to 44.1% of venues who do not receive feedback from patrons.

Based on our data collected, venues go about collecting feedback differently. They use various avenues for feedback collection, including surveys/questionnaires, verbal communication, social media, Google reviews, comment cards, ticket sales, emails and more.

But what happens after the feedback is collected? In the survey, venues provide a few examples of how they use fan feedback:

  • To improve customer and client experiences
  • To learn about their patrons, such as their likes/dislikes and potential pain points
  • To set a net performer score
  • To give to their service providers
  • To customize fans’ client profile for better targeting and marketing for future events, along with thinking up possible ways to enhance VIP programs

This all begs the question: Is your patron feedback effective and giving you data to act on going forward? Opendate wants to help venues put metrics up against feedback, which then allow venues to set in place a plan of action that brings a loyal fan base and higher revenue.

If your patron feedback is not providing the sufficient data you’re looking for, or even if you’re interested in sampling a different way to collect statistical feedback to continue improving, let’s dig in on how Opendate can help!

Opendate offers a feature, Fan Manager, to quantify your audience feedback and behavior, all within a dashboard that displays their engagement with your venue. The result? Actionable data you can use in marketing to create additional revenue streams.

Get to know your venue’s fan behavior, top genres and buyer location with Fan Manager and start marketing more effectively toward your buyers! 

Fan Manager dashboard

Utilizing Fan Manger lets venues tailor communication based on fans’ interest and buying habits. No more guessing fans’ behavior while crafting your marketing.

Market like a pro:

Capture the fans that need an extra nudge: On your dashboard, immediately view well-known last-minute ticket buyers and launch an email campaign.

Reward loyal buyers: Top fans will be thrilled with the offer of early ticket access.

Target fans by genre:
Strategize event marketing with the focus on your fans most likely to purchase tickets.

What information are you likely to see from fans through this system? Fans have their own profile that has insight into lifetime value, average ticket spend and stats on how fans interact with your venue through your branded mobile app.

Fan Profile in Opendate Fan Manager

Additional revenues through actionable fan data:

  • 1:1 message with fans through your branded mobile app with Opendate: Give fans updates on exclusive merch available within the app.
  • Push messages on upgrades: Let fans know about VIP and parking upgrades directly to their phone through the mobile app. Use the results to capture when the best times are to send out messages, ensuring your capturing fans when they're likely to purchase.

Marketing is sometimes all about rolling the dice, but you don’t need to be in suspense any longer! You know ALL about your fans now. Opendate’s Fan Manager allows you to target your marketing in a more personal manner for your fans.

Learn more about Fan Manager here and request a demo today.

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