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Every venue can benefit from one more show - Opendate makes it easier to get the right act on your stage.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
July 20, 2023

For many venue owners, managers, and talent buyers, booking more shows (and the right shows) can make a huge difference. This difference can be seen in how the fans experience shows and how a venue performs when it comes to the bottom line. With most venues, adding that extra show could mean thousands of dollars - meaning even venues with jam-packed calendars could benefit from one extra show a month. There are also many challenges that get in the way of getting an extra show or two a month. Whether it’s trouble with timing, tour routing, or any other number of road bumps, finding the right artist at any given time isn’t always simple.

Opendate’s easy to use artist search feature allows for anyone to easily view artists who are on tour and what region they’re in. A talent buyer or manager can even filter down by genre, social following counts, and even average capacity room size to view artists that best fit their bands. From there, we make it incredibly simple to reach out directly to their booking team (when available) and can add them to your venue’s outreach plan.

We don’t stop there though, once you’ve got a date in mind, you can add holds, create offers, set up your show and ticketing right in one place. Opendate makes a lot of the tasks, including the discovery a sinch. Want to find out more, talk to a member of our team!

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