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Is your method for sourcing talent a major headache?

Finding talent doesn’t have to take all your time and energy. Opendate’s Artist Discovery solution takes away the hassle of searching for talent with a database of close to 1.7 million performers. That’s a lot to choose from!
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
August 22, 2023

A venues’ dream is to get the best talent on stage and to pack the house (Taylor Swift, anyone?). But finding the talent has become a major pain point.

Our National Survey’s results say that over 35% of venues are dissatisfied with their current process for sourcing artistic talent for their venue. It's understandable that venues might find the interview process and scouting of artists' work to be tedious and frustrating, especially if they're aiming to attract big-name artists. The process of selecting artists and arranging performances can be complex and time-consuming.

Finding talent doesn’t have to take all your time and energy. Opendate’s Artist Discovery solution takes away the hassle of searching for talent with a database of close to 1.7 million performers. That’s a lot to choose from!

Welcome to our Artist Discovery solution. Our database is chalk full of performers, which includes recommendations for your venue based on filters and data from all over the world.

When you’re searching for an artist, it can become overwhelming — there’s so much to consider. Our refined search for finding talent cleans up the abundance of information being thrown your way. 

There’s never been a more powerful search tool that helps you find the best talent for your stage. 

Know all about artists’ stats, such as reach, draw and more through these filters:

  • Artist genre
  • Venue capacity
  • Social Following
  • Spotify stats
  • …and SO MUCH MORE

Through this solution, you can view actionable data regarding how an artist performed at your venue last, as well as average number of tickets sold, ticket price and overall gross.

Each artist’s representation is also displayed on an artist’s page, and you’re able to search other acts who have the same agent.

Now that you’ve found your talent, outreach is next. Connect with them at your own pace.

Cut time on outreach with saved templates: All outreach can be managed in Opendate through saved templates. You can also view communication history and activity within your Pipeline dashboard.

Offers & Outreach in Opendate

Queue up interested agents for when they’re available: Managing interested agents and talent are done by placing them in a follow-up queue. Are you worried about forgetting who’s in your queue? Don’t be — we’ll email you a reminder to reach back out.

Venues also wish to continue exuding creativity and providing diversity that coincides with their budget and appeal to their community. Fan Manager is the solution!

With Fan Manager, you can see what genres and artists are in-demand with your fans and improvements they’re looking for in the musical line-up. Insights provided through Fan Manager help segment your buyers based on their interests or purchasing habits.

No more guessing what fans are interested in — you have the venue's fan behavior, top genres and buyer location to market buyers right at your fingertips.

Gone are the days of staying glued to your computer screen to search through endless artists to find the right one. Opendate’s Artist Discovery tool gives you time back in your busy workday. Soon, your fans will be screaming/singing at the top of their lungs to your hand picked talent!

Need a visual to learn more about our Artist Discovery solution? Check out our demo or read more here.

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