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What an end-to-end ticketing solution looks like (Spoiler: It's game-changing!)

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Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
June 5, 2024

Booking talent has never been easier with our new solution, Inbound. 

Keep tool enhancement for your team in mind when it comes to booking management and ticketing. There can’t be an event without talent or ticket sales. 

You need a solution that streamlines the booking process and helps declutter your inbox. Enter Opendate Inbound — a solution that collects, evaluates and tracks booking requests. Get ready to book talent with EASE.

First things first, Opendate Inbound helps to streamline the booking process. Inbound can gather, organize and help you evaluate incoming booking requests. Stress = gone! Also, Inbound is free, and you can sign up here! 

Check out more features on how Inbound streamlines the booking process:

  • Syncs with streaming services and social platforms
  • Integrated into Opendate’s database of 1.7 million artists
  • Tag, filter and sort your Inbound submissions to find the right artist

How does Opendate Inbound work? Let’s get started!

Embed or link the form: Your custom Inbound form can be embedded or linked on your website. For artists wanting to play at your venue, they can fill out the form and submit their request.

Evaluate and prioritize submissions: Tag, filter, sort and search to find the perfect artist from Inbound requests, compiled in Opendate. Opendate will also embellish the artist submitted data with any missing data pulled from our database of more than 1.7 million artists.

Email artists at your leisure: Send an email to your selected artists when you feel it’s time.

Now that you’ve found your talent, allow us to introduce you to the industry’s fastest, automated ticketing solution!

Ticket creation has never been easier.

Streamline the ticket creation process: You’re now able to set up default ticket types for events. Also, leverage additional features, like creating promo codes for all events.

Accelerate revenue through add-ons and upgrades: Fans are now offered upgrades, such as VIP, Premium VIP and parking.

Pull all event details from right within Opendate - no third party solution needed: Artist photos and bios are automatically added by Opendate. Content templates are offered, too.

Now, it’s time to publish your tickets with the code provided to your website, and start selling.

Linkable public event pages: Your event’s tickets have been created. A public web page with all the event details that fans can directly purchase from is provided by Opendate.

Events in your branded venue app: Tickets are published, which means event details and purchasing is officially available on your branded venue app.

It’s reporting time! Opendate’s Organizer app is there for you to take and sell tickets at the door. With this, you’ll receive real-time access to live event reporting.

Analyze ticket sales: Fan data is accessible, and it highlights which shows they’re attending. Ticket sales over time are also reported.

Manage ticket sales with features that help you stay on top of things: The app gives you the opportunity to process refunds, send order confirmations to purchasers and manage follow-ups.

With Opendate’s booking management and Ticketing solutions, you’ll have the talent and ticket sales to pull off your event in style! No other tools necessary.

Learn about Inbound and Ticketing. Then, request a demo to learn more. 

Don’t forget to watch our Inbound demo! 

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