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Alex and Andrew Jensen, founders of NoonChorus, join Opendate to Launch Groundbreaking Venue Management Solutions

3 ways to drive more ticket sales for your venue — get ready to pack the house

Before you can pack the house, you need to sell tickets. How do you sell out an event to turn that dream into a reality? With Opendate, there are three ways you can drive more ticket sales for your venue.
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
September 6, 2023

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect event. You’re probably dreaming of a sold out show.

Before you can pack the house, you need to sell tickets. How do you sell out an event to turn that dream into a reality? With Opendate, there are three ways you can drive more ticket sales for your venue.

Introducing the Branded Venue App! Not only will this provide a drive for revenue through a mobile experience, but it will help build fan loyalty all branded to your venue.

This branded app will get ticket sales booming for your venue. Here’s how:

  • A brand new owned channel: Communicate with your top fans all within the app! Provide all the details for upcoming shows and create push notifications for event updates.
  • Streamline the purchasing process: You’ve got to love an app that’s all-in-one — view upcoming shows, purchase tickets and buy merch. 
  • Fan ticket management: Gone are the days of fumbling through your purse, wallet or jacket pocket searching for your tickets to get in the door. Your digital tickets are accessible through the app, making it a breeze for admittance into the show.
  • Upsell opportunities, right in your fans’ pockets: If you’re interested in increasing revenue (who isn't?!), Opendate provides a streamlined purchasing experience that includes add-ons and upgrades. We give the real VIP treatment within our app!

Continue driving ticket sales with fan data to launch email and social campaigns by leveraging Fan Manager. 

Increasing ticket sales has never sounded so simple with Fan Manager. The actionable data and insights collected will help you get to know your fans better, improve marketing abilities, and the best part, sell more tickets through communication with fans of your venue, specific genres, artists and more.

What else can Fan Manager do?

  • Quickly filter, export and drill down data
  • Have the power to build segments by geo, genre, buying behavior and more
  • Segments are marketed directly through email, SMS and push notification

What’s an item you can’t leave home without? Definitely your phone! Our SMS and Push Notifications to fans will have your venue #1 in mind when it comes to attending an event.

Here’s where Push Notifications come in handy to help generate even more ticket sales:

You need to pack the house — there’s one way you can go about this. We provide venues with the opportunity to use fan data to send updates via SMS. With SMS at the ready, you can send promo codes to a list of last-minute buyers generated from Fan Manager’s dashboard. Who doesn’t love a good promo?!

That’s not all SMS and Push Notifications are capable of. Sending top fans 1:1 messages will work wonders for sales. Notifications are sent to those with the branded venue app and give all the important info, such as weather updates, VIP upgrades and unique merch drops. 

Before long, your demand for tickets will skyrocket, and you’ll have fans coming back for more events in the future. Increasing ticket sales can be a breeze with Opendate.

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