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Better Communicate With and Incentivize Fans with Opendate Fan Manager

At Opendate, we’ve created a solution that helps venues understand their fans, improve marketing abilities and a solution to sell more tickets by communicating with fans of your venue, specific genres, artists and more.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

Fans are an integral part of a business. They keep your business talked about and relevant, bringing a wider fanbase to your website. Where would we be without the support and loyalty of fans?

It’s important that you know and understand your fans, ranging from their purchase history, most-liked genre, the type of buyer they are and more. 

At Opendate, we’ve created a solution that helps venues understand their fans and improve marketing abilities. Fan Manager is a solution to selling more tickets by communicating with fans of your venue, specific genres, artists and more. It’s time to break the ice and learn more about your fans to give them the best experience possible, while also maximizing the opportunity of your venue.

Opendate is thrilled to introduce venues to Fan Manager, a data-driven solution that includes various features to help venues get to know their fans on a more personal level.

Start tailoring your marketing campaigns to fans and create an intimate experience that will have fans coming back for more events, and becoming advocates of your venue.

An important feature of Opendate’s Fan Manager helps venues become familiar with ticket buyers — whether they are buyers who purchase tickets right as the show goes on sale or those who wait until the last minute to purchase tickets. No matter the type of buyer, with this information at your fingertips, venues are able to plan marketing emails and last-minute show pushes around the actionable data provided to you from Opendate’s Fan Manager.

Fan Manager Dashboard

Fan Manager identifies which types of shows ticket buyers attend and their purchase history.

Venues can now see how much fans are spending, their lifetime spend and the average price that a fan pays for tickets. This insight will assist in not only understanding your fans, but getting to know them better so you can personalize emails to reach them. 

Fan Details

Here are two campaigns Opendate users love to run with data at their fingertips from their Fan Manager dashboard:

  1. Capture the fans that need an extra nudge: Launch an email push to known last-minute ticket buyers
  2. Reward loyal buyers: Offer early ticket access to top fans of your venue

More features of Opendate's Fan Manager solution that will make getting to know your fans a breeze:

  • A central dashboard gives venues insight into fan’s behavior, top genres and the location of the buyer.
  • Insight into actionable data to venues, such as segmenting buyers, understanding buyer behavior and communicating or incentivizing fans efficiently.
  • Data and reach information is accessible on potential acts for your venue. You can access potential fans, the type of band genres your fans are listening to and fans of similar artists.
  • Venues can add segmentation and customization to email lists and communications.
  • Build individual fan profiles that include lifetime value, average spend on tickets and app installation status and subscription enrollment.

Opendate’s Fan Manager provides venues with an abundance of information about their fans that make it easily digestible and immediately actionable. Also, it only takes a couple of clicks to receive all the data — save time and gain even more knowledge at once!

Get to know your fans with Opendate’s Fan Manager and start creating a more personalized experience for your venue’s fans. 

Learn more about Fan Manager and request a demo today!

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