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Save Time Using Opendate’s Eventbrite Integration

Opendate’s integration with Eventbrite is easy to use and can save venues a lot of time in getting information to booking agents and artists management.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

While we love to help independent music venues solve big challenges and make big improvements, sometimes a little efficiency can go a long, long way.

After all, here at Opendate, we believe our purpose is to help independent venues create more magic through live shows and anything we can do to move that vision forward is a win. One speed bump we see often is responding to ticket count requests. It’s a minor hassle that’s generally accepted as a part of a day in the life. With each request for a ticket count, sales and numbers need to be tracked down and thrown into an email or spreadsheet to be sent over to a booking agent or manager. The whole process doesn’t take long and making sure everyone has the needed information has obvious benefits, but throw in a handful or more of these requests each day and soon you can lose a lot of time completing a task that could be automated. Certainly there’s more that you can do with that time, right? Right.

Enter Opendate’s FREE integration with Eventbrite.

Of course, with Opendate’s native ticketing system, we can automate ticket count delivery with ease. Now, with Opendate’s integration with Eventbrite we can automate ticket counts for Eventbrite users as well - it’s as easy as one, two, three! Opendate makes it magically easy to set up the Eventbrite integration which allows venues to automate ticket count emails for every show - saving hours every week. In addition to saving time and headache on ensuring a timely delivery of those ticket count emails, Opendate also offers a ton of features to help centralize information across your venue - saving even more time and worry across the entire team.

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