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Not Just A Calendar: Opendate Gives You More, All In One Place

Running a venue is rewarding, but tough work. Opendate can help you and your team get more out of your time and effort by simplifying process, providing better data, and being a single source of truth for all the moving parts it takes to put on a great show.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

More than ever, our days are mapped, planned, and lived out by what our calendar has on it. We pencil things in, scratch them out, put them in stone, and stick to the calendar as close as we can. We can’t live without them, but for most of us, the basic function of our calendars hasn’t changed much with the exception of most of them living on our phones or computers these days. We’ve found that largely, venue management is subject to those same outdated practices.

When we set out to make a great software for music venue management, we wanted to change that approach. Our hope is to give independent venues a tool that would usually be reserved for venue management companies or huge corporations. We wanted to build venue software that would help clubs, theaters, or festivals, and their teams do more while saving time and money. Here are just a few ways that a Venue Management Software (or theater management software) could help do just that:

One Source of Truth

A lot goes into putting on live shows and events. There are dozens of meetings, emails, phone calls and texts, and other back and forth that happens to make sure things stay organized. Mix and match different teams and people working on different aspects and things can get messy, quick. Giving your team a single source of truth, a place where they can go to find the information they need to do their jobs can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Do More, In One Place

Opendate was built to be more than just a better calendar. In addition to keeping track of your day, Opendate allows you to do many of the things you need to do all in one place. Our music venue management software allows you manage your process for a show from first touch to settlement in one easy to use platform. Keeping everything in one place helps save a ton of effort and time when you’ve already got enough on your plate!

One More Show a Month?

Not only are we passionate about helping venues streamline their processes and save time, we were founded around the idea of helping great clubs and theaters get one more show a month. We do this through our advanced music venue booking software that's built right into the platform. We've mentioned doing more in one place but with our artist discovery features you can even find the next great act for your stage. We do this using integrations with multiple platforms (such as Spotify, Apple Music, BandsInTown, Last.fm and more) - allowing you to quickly filter and view bands that are the right size for your room, play the type of music that's popular where you are, and a number of other important data points that will help you get one more show a month!

Everything You Need but….Easy to Use!

There’s robust software and then, there’s simple to use software - rarely do those two parts of the Venn diagram overlap. Our engineering and design teams have years of experience in bringing those two critical parts as close together as possible. Opendate’s software for venues gives you all the features and functionality you need to be effective in package that anyone can use easily. This means you’ll get the most out of your investment and put it to valuable use every day!

Make Better, Data Driven Decisions

All of the time-saving things we've talked about so far are terrific and can really up-level your operation. One final item on this list that will help add to the bottom line is the power to help make data-driven decisions. This of course goes far beyond anything a calendar can do! When it comes to booking and putting on a great show, Opendate helps make data-driven decision every step of the way. Apart from just finding the right acts for your stage, Opendate can help forecast the financials of your show, give you insight into current sales, and even help you better understand your venue's fanbase - all in the spirit of giving you the information you need to make the right decisions for your space.

There are many more reasons that a great venue management software or event management software will help you save time, money, or both - but these are some of the top. Whether you operate at a club, theatre, or other event space - Opendate is here to help make sure you’re spending time on what you’re best at - making magic happen through great live shows. If you want to learn more, we’d love to talk with you!

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