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Alex and Andrew Jensen, founders of NoonChorus, join Opendate to Launch Groundbreaking Venue Management Solutions

Is your venue management tool helping you hit your 2023 goals?

A National Survey conducted by Opendate reveals 80.6% of venues are focusing on increasing ticket revenue in 2023. Is your venue management tool offering ways to hit your revenue goals?
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
July 20, 2023

Let's talk goals.

What's your venue focusing on this year? We asked nearly 70 venues in a national survey what their goals were for 2023, and here's what was revealed:

- 80.6% of venues are focusing on increasing ticket revenue in 2023.

- 55.2% of venues are focusing on increasing booking

- 7.8% are wanting to implement processes and tools for increased internal efficiency

- 37.3% want to add an additional line of revenue through more ticketing add-ons and upgrades.

Hitting your goals: Is your venue management solution providing additional revenue streams with actionable data?

Are the tools you're using offering things like a list of last-minute ticket buyers you can push a 1:1 messaging campaign to? Or a dedicated, branded portal that provides updates and exclusives from your venue?

Opendate offers this and more to venues. Let's take a look.

Our marketing solutions provide efficient ways to reach your target demographic through tools that allow you to stay in touch with fans regarding important updates, marketing messages and more. Deliver all important information straight to their phones.

Publish directly to show once you're show is ready to promote: Publish social posts for your show right from within Opendate, grabbing images from our newly-released Asset Manager tool.

Add-ons and upgrades + streamlined purchasing through Opendate's Branded Venue App:
With the help of our Branded Venue App, you can now accomplish your venue’s goals. Branded to your venue, the app allows for a streamlined purchasing experience for add-ons and upgrades. Fans who have the app downloaded can view upcoming events, purchase tickets, and buy merch.

1:1 messages with your venue’s top fans: The anticipation for an event starts the second you score your tickets. The countdown has officially begun. It’s important for fans that they have every detail ready for the big day. Luckily, fans that have Opendate’s Branded Venue App will be in-the-know from purchase to walking through the entrance of the venue on the day of the event. Venues can send notifications to app users with important information, such as weather-related updates for outdoor events, VIP upgrades, and special merch drops (it’s a MUST to get the exclusive merch at the venue). We understand how important it is to be prepared for an event, and with this, your fans won’t be caught unaware!

Sending updates via SMS based on fan data: So a lot of your fans are last-minute ticket buyers — we know the type and are happy to help! Using data, you can now send out promo codes to last-minute ticket buyers to fill up the seats at the venue, all from data collected from Opendate’s Fan Manager dashboard.

Meeting goals takes a lot of work and dedication. Fortunately, Opendate’s venue marketing features offer layups to ensure that your venue’s 2023 goals are met.

Learn more about the marketing feature here and request a demo today!

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