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Get More From Your Followers with Opendate’s Social Media Automation

Opendate’s integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter save time when it comes to creating and scheduling content to share with your venue’s fans.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

Often times, social media is one of the first ways a fan might engage with your venue and one of the best ways to capture new eyes. So why does it fall off our plate so easily? The simple answer is usually time…we just don’t have enough of it! Social media is one of those things that, when it comes to shows - we all know is helpful and important. It’s also one of the easiest things to neglect when the phone is ringing, email inboxes are filling, and someone’s knocking on your door for the tenth time today. If time isn’t the challenge, even the best teams need tools, processes, and data to help them level up.

Whether you’re a one person army or a seasoned team of all-stars, Opendate’s integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you take your posts up a notch. Opendate gives you the ability to make both general posts for your team or posts associated with an upcoming show. We also save time and effort by allowing you to pull from assets you already have stored in the platform - which makes grabbing artist approved images and copy easier than ever. You also have the ability to schedule posts on your social accounts, meaning that a task that used to take up time each day can now be done all at once each week (or more!). After you’ve posted, you can view engagement with posts right inside of Opendate’s platform - watch the likes, retweets, and comments add up. With one more thing off your plate, you’re one step closer to an incredible show!

Of course, Opendate offers much, much more than just automation in social media - Opendate streamlines everything from artist discovery and outreach to ticketing and settlement. If you’d like to see this feature (and the rest) in action - schedule some time with us here!

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