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Everything You Need, In The Palm of Your Hand

A first hand account of how Opendate's mobile organizer app can help take your event from chaotic to controlled.
Written by
Anna Maximoff
Published on
March 14, 2024

Events in the music industry are planned right down to the very second. From load-in to headliner entrance, to curfew and everything in between, there are hundreds of things that need to be able to be monitored at a moment's notice. I worked at a summer concert series that hosted a list of artists, all with different needs, timetables, and requirements. As many of you know, venues need a lot of things to put on a show and have a lot of people running around at once, trying to get things done, and sometimes things even get lost in translation. Box office staff needs ticket count, general staff needs show details and run-of-show, production needs a place for their notes, marketing needs ad-mats, and everyone needs to know what everyone else was doing. We realized we needed an event management software that came with a custom event app in order to manage our event from anywhere at any time, and stay on the same page as our teammates.

We searched for event mobile apps and found some like Whova which focuses on conference apps and networking events, but we kept searching for one that fit our needs in the music industry. We were looking for an all-encompassing top event agenda and management app that included ticketing, day of show details, and web software that goes with it. When searching for the best event apps and top event apps, we found Opendate. Not only is it an event management software that is an all-in-one platform for event management, but it also comes with a customizable event app. It is the best mobile app for events out there and it immediately checked all of our boxes. Opendate gives us all of our event details at a moment's notice. We can see who is playing in the future, who has played in the past, as well as all of their metrics in regard to ticket count, day of show sales, and details on that event. Moreover, we found the ticketing side of this event management app robust and easy to comprehend. Opendate not only has the agenda and calendar side of event management on their app, but they also have ticketing. All of these things really caught our eye, and we decided to go for it, and I️ am so glad we did.

Once we implemented Opendate, we saw an immediate change in how our concert series was run. Often times people would have to find a laptop for an answer to their question, with Opendate's event agenda app, our staff just pulled out their phones, and there the answer was, right at the tip of their fingers. With the day-of-show details right in front of you, there was never a question about what time doors were, or what time curfew was. It also became exponentially easier to track ticket counts. Opendates ticketing tab in the app tracks ticket counts in real-time, so our staff knew how many people bought tickets, and how many scanned in.  Any staff member with a phone and a login can help scan in patrons and search for their ticket purchase, all within seconds. With the app, staff also had the ability to sell in real-time, through the app, for customers who needed a last-minute ticket.

They also have robust software to access from your computer. This has all of the app features and more including artist discovery, pipeline, and marketing to name a few. The event management app also comes free of cost when you use their web software, so it is the best event app for nonprofits as well. Another key feature we found interesting was an event app for fans and patrons of the venue. This is a place for them to store their tickets, making the entrance to the venue more streamlined, as well as see what shows are coming up at the venue, so they can be the first to buy tickets when they go on sale. Our patrons love the fact that they can find out all of this information in just a few clicks.

There is nothing like having everything you need right in the palm of your hand when a crisis arises. Everyone loves saving both time, and money, as well as streamlining communication and making things easier. That is why we picked Opendate. The best event mobile app on the market.

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