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You're busy enough - here's how to de-risk venue bookings (and save time)

Between sourcing talent for your venue, confirming holds, and promoting shows, your plate is full. Here's how to de-risk your booking process and calculate ROI with each show.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
July 20, 2023

In a recent survey with U.S. based venues, 43% of respondents reported that their venue's lifecycle process for putting on shows is effective, but only 30% of respondents hit their booking targets.

We're thinking what you are - something's not adding up!

In analyzing this survey data, we concluded the following:

  • Without a data-backed, purpose-built tool for sourcing talent, venues are unable to have a scaled process for booking talent and calculating ROI for each show.
  • Your process isn't effective if you're not hitting your goals.

Opendate's solution was built by venue owners, so we knew what tools we needed to build that would be immediately effective in the venue management process.

To take any potential risk out of booking talent, we built our artist discovery tool, which collects and organizes data from around the world, creating a database that analyzes talent that's fit for your venue.

With a single search, you can get information on an artist or performer that helps you instantly calculate whether or not they're a fit for your venue, answering questions like:

  • Are they touring in my area?
  • What size venues have they played?
  • What artists are similar to them that are touring near me?
  • And more:

Sounds nice, right?

Take a look at this checklist to see if your current process supports risk-free booking.

Risk-Free Booking Checklist:

  • "Lookalike" talent: If you're searching for a specific type of performer, do you have access to a database with suggestions that fall under the parameters you've set?
  • Performer stats: Do you have information on the potential reach opportunity with performers you're evaluating? Is their social presence significant? Can you leverage their digital footprint as additional marketing channels?
  • ROI predictions: Do you have enough information on a performer to effectively measure ROI? (And, eventually, set a benchmark to measure up against.)
  • What tools are powering your search? Are you leveraging a solution built for developing connections with talent and agents?
  • Ease of collaboration: The sharing of assets and information with internal and external parties can be disparate and time consuming (as if you don't already have enough on your plate!) Do you have a streamlined, efficient process for collecting marketing assets and publishing for promotion?

The process for building out your venue's calendar should be powered by information that gives you insight into ROI and offers a streamlined and effective workflow. Learn more about Opendate's artist discovery feature here.

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