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A calendar purpose-built for venue management

Opendate was founded and built by venue owners, and one of our core features in our all-in-one venue management solution is our Calendar. 
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

In a recent U.S.-based survey of venues, 80% of respondents reported they use Google or Outlook for calendar management. 

Whether it’s on your phone, written in your planner or on your laptop, calendars are an essential part of business and everyday life — it’s how we keep everything, professionally and personally, organized and planned accordingly. However, it’s okay to admit that your calendars can sometimes get unorganized — especially when you're running a venue! We’re only human.

Opendate was built by venue owners who understand the challenges of venue management and want to help you make your events a success with minimal stress and manual tasks.

A venue software calendar solution that has everything you need, including creating and managing holds, confirming shows, and viewing venue availability in a single click.

Opendate’s Calendar feature is the focal point of event management. This shared management system allows you to organize an event within one platform. Let Opendate alleviate some stress from your event planning, while also providing you with a collaborative platform that focuses on simple and seamless ways of managing events, versus the disparate, duct-tape methods available.

Working in the fast-paced world of music and event management, you need a venue management system that will have all the important details for your event in one place. 

Opendate’s venue software offers a venue management system that allows for easy access to multiple calendars, without ever leaving the tool, as well as the ability for venue owners to create and manage holds across several calendars.

We've also taken categorizing off of venue owners' plates. With a single click, you can view which shows are on hold, confirmed, or on sale in list or calendar view:

Taking another manual task off your plate, Opendate's calendar allows for ranking and automating of holds. Within the Calendar tool, rank each of your holds based on how desirable an act is, and give each one the option to either move up in priority when another hold is removed, or to remain in its current ranking.

Cut down time tracking down info for agents

Manually digging through multiple calendars to get availability over to agents is a time suck. Easily check by entering a date range, plus any filters around holds, confirms, or specific days of the week. Then it’s copy, paste, and send to your agent.

Upholding several event calendars can be tedious and daunting at times, but Opendate makes planning easier and more efficient. Every detail is all within reach. Opendate ensures that you never have to stray far to know more about the event you’re planning.

From beginning to end, Opendate’s music venue management software will assist you in planning flawless events for your venue. Keep everything organized and all in one place with Opendate’s Calendar Management feature. 

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