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2023 Fall Release

Our biggest release ever. To help you manage more shows than ever.

We're excited to announce some of our best features yet.
2023 Fall Release

Manage event financials with ease

We've added a number of features to help you track show profitability and ensure success.
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Event Templates

Build and deploy event templates to help you quickly set up your shows. Initially included are finance items and notes with many more coming soon!

Detailed Income and Expense

New and improved income and expense reporting allows you to itemize, assign to specific performers, and attach receipts, invoices, or other related documents.

Profit & Loss

The new Profit & Loss feature allows you to accurately forecast and estimate how successful your show is going to be. Combining data from your Offers, ticket sales, and Finance items, P&L will keep you on track as you get closer to show day.

Updated Artist Settlement

The updated artist settlement includes improved calculations, income & expenses with increased flexibility, and the ability to export as PDF or CSV, ensuring you pay your artists accurately for each show.
2023 Fall Release
Event Calendar

Put your calendar to work

Take advantage of all your event calendar has to offer with these new features.
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Google Calendar Sync

Sync your venue calendar to your Google Calendar. Generate a URL in Opendate that you can subscribe to via Google Calendar.

Check Avails

Quickly check available dates on your calendar, filtered by date range, holds, or confirms, and copy to your clipboard to send to artist teams.
2023 Fall Release

Improve your workflows

Save precious time by automating your workflows. Opendate added these new features to help you get more done with less effort.
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API Support

Opendate becomes even more powerful with our API support. Build your own apps and automations by connecting to your Opendate data.

Inbound Artist Submissions

Artists want to play your venue and you want to find the best talent for your stage. Opendate Inbound can gather, organize, and help you evaluate incoming booking requests.

Global Asset Center

Designed to streamline asset management, this tool allows you to consolidate multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio files to documents, presentations, and even proprietary data.