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Trends & Themes from NIVA Panels: What Venues Expressed as Their Top Needs

The 2024 NIVA conference in New Orleans highlighted a common trend across all panels: marketing!
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
June 13, 2024

The Marketing Trend: Insights from NIVA Conference

Venue owners were eager to learn about effective marketing strategies to boost their business. Here are the top marketing needs they expressed:

  1. Data Segmentation and Regular Analysis: Venue owners are keen to know how they can easily segment and gather data from their lists on a consistent, regular basis to influence their outreach. Consistent data analysis helps in tailoring marketing campaigns to specific audience segments, leading to more personalized and effective communication.
  1. Running Efficient Weekly Campaigns: They also wanted insights into the most efficient and effective ways to run weekly marketin campaigns to drive more ticket sales. Regular and well-planned campaigns keep the audience engaged and informed about upcoming events, boosting ticket sales.
  1. Creative Targeting Tactics: Venue owners were on the lookout for creative ways to target their lists. They were curious about the unique tactics and methods other venues are using to stand out and attract their audience.

Consistent Themes: Tools and Integration

Among the tools venues are using, a few key topics remained consistent:

  1. Integrated CRM and Ticketing Tools - a quote from a panelist, “this is a dealbreaker!”: The need for tools that seamlessly integrate customer relationship management (CRM) with ticketing systems. This integration helps in maintaining a smooth workflow and better data management.
  1. Robust Reporting from Ticketing Providers: Venue owners emphasized the importance of having robust reporting features from their ticketing providers. Detailed reports help in understanding audience behavior and making informed decisions.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice from NIVA Panelists

  1. Use ChatGPT for Marketing Tasks: Nail down your prompts and save HOURS per week by using ChatGPT to create your social media captions, email copy, and even generate images if you’re feeling extra fancy. This tool can significantly reduce the time spent on creating content, allowing you to focus on other crucial (and creative!) aspects of your marketing strategy.
  1. Identify Your Selling Point: For each event, think about the hook, line, and sinker. Why should a fan want to come to your show? Is the artist playing their album for the first time? Have they never played in your region before? Is there an exclusive merch opportunity? Use the time saved by ChatGPT to brainstorm and highlight the unique selling points of your events.
  1. Strategic Reporting and Fan Behavior Analysis: How are you currently measuring your fan behavior? Are you noticing their purchasing habits? Try being more strategic with your fan outreach by looking beyond the types of shows they've purchased in the past. Analyze the timing and behavior patterns of their purchases to forecast more effectively and tailor your marketing efforts.

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