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Inside the World of a Talent Buyer: Tools, Resources, and Trade Secrets Revealed

Our panelists of venue talent buyers dive into the toolkit they use daily - resources, tools, and events they attend that are vital for success in their field. 
Written by
Joel Hubartt
Published on
April 24, 2024

In this snippet from our latest webinar on Talent Buying, our panelists of venue talent buyers (see below) dive into the toolkit they use daily - resources, tools, and events they attend that are vital for success in their field. 

Take a look at the key highlights from the webinar on the topic of tools and resources used, and watch the specific clip below, starting at 9:43 - 17:54.

A big thanks to our panelists:

Jesse Lundy, Senior Talent Buyer at Rising Sun Presents

Victoria Gordon, Club Talent Buyer for Big Spring Entertainment

Kevin Stone, VP of Programming at Florida Theatre

Steven Tulipana, Owner/Operator, The Record Bar

Key Highlights:

Evaluating an artist's online presence - followers don't always become ticket buyers!: Instead of solely relying on raw follower counts, the panelists emphasize the importance of scrutinizing engagement metrics across social media platforms to gauge genuine audience connection.

Events attended to drive learning, and nurture existing (and new!) connections: These include conferences APAP, the Americana Conference in Nashville, and IBA Nashville. Check out the recap of our team’s time at this year’s APAP conference here.

The right tools make the difference - digging into data: Panelists rely on several tools, utilizing platforms like allmusic.com for comprehensive music data and complement it with information from industry events. Subscription services from Pollstar and Celebrity Access offer market trends, while digital communities like the NIVA Slack channel provide insider perspectives. Additionally, our panelists tap into their curated promoter networks for nuanced insights.

When it comes to data analysis, our panelists employ a diverse toolkit. They leverage platforms like Spotify and Instagram for tracking follower metrics, and delve deeper into analytics using tools such as ROSTR, Chart Metric, and Opendate. 

Curious how Opendate can help with your artist search and evaluation? Search our database of performers, with recommendations for your venue based on filters and data from around the world. Learn more here, and schedule time with a team member below.

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