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Great Venues Deserve Great Platforms

We’ve been talking to a lot of venues…here’s what we’ve learned and how we can help.
Written by
Tanner Steel
Published on
March 14, 2024

As we’ve been bringing Opendate to the world, we’ve had lots of conversations with people who are on the ground in music venues. Big venues, small rooms, huge theaters and little clubs. Each one has unique challenges, areas where they’re knocking it out of the park, and ways that they measure success. Some measure solely on how many people make it to shows, others measure based only on the bottom line, a lot of them measure on a gut feeling, all of them measure on putting on great shows. We love it.

In those conversations, we’ve seen some trends. The first trend is that across most venues, they spend a lot of time on building great teams filled with exceptional people. These people are go-getters, hard workers, and folks who are an underrated staple of live music. The next trend we see consistently is the way that information is distributed across those people. Opendate is here to help those people get more out of their day. Using Opendate’s shared calendar, we can bring important information that everyone needs right to the forefront. We help teams save time, headache, and effort by helping those teams access advancing information, ticket counts, marketing plans and so much more in one incredibly easy-to-use platform. For big teams, that means each member of the team can accomplish the tasks associated with their roles right inside of Opendate and get information from their teammates in one place. For small teams (or even teams of one), it means no more chasing down spreadsheets and offers, fewer to-do’s (or zero to-do’s) falling through the cracks.

Every city, every venue, every team is a little bit different - but one thing they all agree on is that having better access to information is hugely beneficial and adds a ton of value (not to mention time savings!). We’re excited to help teams tackle these challenges and let all of the great people that make them up do what they do best - provide magical experiences through live music.

Want to learn more about how Opendate can help your team save time and money? Click here to meet someone from our team.

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