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How does Opendate compare to Prism.fm?

Looking for a Prism.fm alternative? Decide between features and pricing of Opendate and Prism.fm so you can make an informed decision.
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Compare Opendate and Prism.fm, one feature at a time

Artist Submission Management
Streamline the booking process and clean up your inbox with Opendate Inbound.
Artist Research Database
Leverage Opendate's database of nearly 1.7 million different performers.
Calendar Management
Manage your venue with a calendar tool designed to be a system of record for your entire team.
Offer Management
Build and send offers directly within Opendate and track responses from each artist.
Leverage templates and share event pages to make advancing simple for both you and performers’ teams.
Opendate automatically calculates your settlement based on the offer and ticket sales data so you can pay the artist.
Asset Management
From riders and contracts to posters and flyers, keep everything you need in one place where the right people have access.
Marketing Tools
Schedule and publish directly to your social accounts, and communicate directly with your fans via SMS and push messages.
An automated ticketing experience that's the fastest in the industry.
Branded Venue App
Build fan loyalty with a mobile app branded to your venue
Custom Venue Website
A custom website built for your venue that updates automatically with your Opendate events.
Opendate is significantly less expensive than Prism and, for ticketing customers, completely free!
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