calendar management

Optimize your calendar

Manage all of your holds and confirms in one calendar.

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Create and manage holds

With a few simple clicks you can create and manage holds across multiple dates, in multiple venues, for multiple artists.

Confirm your shows

Confirm your show, notify your team, and start collaborating on a great event.

Real-time data sync

Opendate connects with your ticketing provider to get live data on your calendar.

Simplify your workflow

Build your calendar of events simply in a central calendar optimized to let you get back to what you do best -- putting on great shows!

Creating holds is a breeze

Quickly create holds and assign artists to single or multiple dates at your venue.

Confirm your events with a click

After coming to terms with the artist, convert your hold to a confirm. Your team will be notified and you can begin collaborating on the event plan.

Keep your data in sync

As you update events in your ticketing platform Opendate will keep your calendar fresh, ensuring you're always in sync.

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