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What Organizer Fees look like to Consumer

What Organizer Fees look like to Consumer

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April 2, 2024
0:01 All right, so this is how organizer fees work, so if we go into tickets We go to tickets and we go through our normal ticket build over in tickets, you'll see settings And now you can put your own fees on the different ticket price ranges So we got a $10 ticket in there and We'll set it to first just 0:28 set to zero to show you what that looks like For all So right now we can see there's a $2.68 fee on the $10.00. 0:50 Now if we go back into tickets and we adjust our fee to be $2.00. I think, okay. We'll now see that fee's a little bit larger. 1:16 Uhm, you can see it's not exactly $2.00 more because the transaction fee which is calculated on a percentage goes up about 4 cents here. 1:26 Uhm, but as you can see it just comes in in the fee line item. Uhm, it's not brought out as a separate line item in the fee, just, just a normal fee. 1:39 Uhm, so yep, super simple there and then in the payout that goes to the venue.The text explains how organizer fees work, with the option to add fees to different ticket price ranges. The fee is shown as a separate line item in the ticket settings, and can be adjusted to any ...