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What do Add-ons look like to the Customer

What do Add-ons look like to the Customer

Alex Jensen
Written by
Alex Jensen
December 15, 2023


0:01 Okay, so I'm going to show you how to set up an add-on in your tickets and what that looks like if you go into tickets, you can see here that we have our seating chart connected.
0:14 And then we added the add-on for parking. So what that looks like from a checkout flow. Uhm, after you select your seat, you're met with the go to add-ons and then you're hit to add parking here.
0:31 Uhm, so when you go to check in, check out your whole order summary. And it has that parking added there, we put zero dollars here.
0:40 Uhm, so it comes to zero total. Then when I make that order, uhm, I'm gonna get a e-mail with my tickets and the ticket for the seat and the add-on are two separate, uhm, tickets with two separate QR codes.
0:58 Uhm, so that's what add-ons look like.This text provides an overview of how to set up an add-on in a ticketing system. It explains that after selecting a seat, the customer is prompted to add the add-on which is then included in the or...