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Importing/Syncing Calendars

Importing/Syncing Calendars

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April 24, 2024

We can import Confirms via a CSV Upload!

In this tutorial video, the presenter explains the process of importing events into a digital platform. Starting with the format setup, the video covers the correct date entry format (DDMMYY or DDMM), highlighting common errors. The presenter then demonstrates how to include additional event details such as an image URL and venue name. Further steps include uploading a CSV file of event data and completing the import process. The tutorial ends with a verification of the imported data, ensuring accuracy. This guide is essential for users looking to efficiently manage event data on this platform.

We can sync calendars to your Google Cal!

In this quick tutorial, watch as we guide you through syncing your existing calendar events with Google Calendar. Starting in the calendar app, we show how to use the 'Sync to Google Calendar' feature, followed by importing specific events such as holds and confirmations directly into Google Calendar. Learn how to manage your calendar efficiently by importing events using a URL, adding them to your Google Calendar, and verifying their addition, all demonstrated with a practical example scheduled for May 28th. Plus, a sneak peek at the 'Import Events' button for future use!

Do you have a more complex calendar with multiple hold statuses

We provide specialized services for importing your entire Google Calendar into Opendate. To import hold calendars with specific statuses (e.g., H1, H2), please share your Google Calendar with I will use a custom script to extract and import your data. For guidance on sharing your Google Calendar, see the video below.

Please allow for 3-5 days for google calendar imports.

How to share a Google Calendar: