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Promo Codes on event

Promo Codes on event

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June 11, 2024
0:00 Here's how to create a promo code. Uhm, if you go into an event, you go into edit tickets. When you hit tickets, you have this promo code. 0:12 When you hit add promo code here, you'll have a couple options. You have, uh, you can call the code name, whatever you want. 0:21 Uhm, and then you can do reveal hidden tickets. Uhm, so if you have a hidden ticket type that you built in admission here, uhm, you can say I want that to appear when this code is put in. 0:35 Uhm, you can choose if this applies to add-ons, if you want this to discount. The cost of an add-on, and then you can set, uhm, the quantity available for this code. 0:48 So if you want this to be used, you know, a thousand times, you can do that there. And then you have the option for discount amount, which can be set in percentage, uhm, here. 0:58 So, if we do 50 there, now this is a 50% discount, or we can do discount amount. So if we want to discount $50, then we'll just put 50 in here. 1:08 Uhm, $50 is a big discount, so this would probably be more like a $5 discount would be a normal one. 1:14 Uhm, then you can select when promo codes are available. This just means when they will be, uhm, you know, working, so you can do based on show details or date and time. 1:26 So today is the 29th, so we'll just click yesterday. So as soon as we create these and we set a quantity for them, these will work. 1:38 So as you can see, it's active and now this will give us code. If I pass it out, we'll give a $5 discount uhm on all the ticket types associated with this event.