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Offers v3 - Available, Comps, and Kills

Offers v3 - Available, Comps, and Kills

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April 29, 2024
0:00 Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to quickly walk you through our new available comps and kills feature and offers, um so I'm on this offer here and uh you can see that in the budget section we have a new section here for tickets. 0:16 This used to be just one section for just income but now it's split between tickets and other income. So if you want to add your tickets here and uh other income related items down here you can do that. 0:28 Additionally, uh to the tickets section we've added these columns available. We will use these fields to automatically calculate what syllable. 0:38 So if there are a 920 uh tickets available and 20 cups and 20 kills you'll see that it updates the cell. 0:49 I'm going to put this back to what it was. Um, another thing you might notice uh is that if you do have an income item here and for whatever reason you would like to make it a ticket instead you can click. 1:04 Click this and convert it to a ticket. I'm going to remove that. Okay so that's the uh the changes on the edit page. 1:17 Uh if we go to view. The actual offer. Just want this load. Uh you can see this page has been updated as well. 1:26 We have the ticket section as well as the other revenue section. There's nothing here right now so that's empty. Um you can see that we also have the available comps and kills columns. 1:36 And here as well. Um I believe that's all for the section. Uh if we go to settlement. Uh this has been updated as well for the ticket section and other revenue. 1:49 We do not have comps and kills. And, uh, uh this section. Uh because we will bring in comps, uh, end of it uh as a separate line item. 1:59 For instance for each, uh, ticket that sold a different price point. We'll have a row for that. So for instance if we had a general admission advance. 2:07 Thank you. Where some of the tickets were come to we'd see a line um for this where the price is zero. 2:13 Uh so instead of having comps and kills and in the flow up here. What we've done is we've put comps and kills in the summary. 2:23 Thank much. There's no way for us to calculate kills automatically right now, but we give you the option to edit this and track it manually if you need to. 2:33 So feel free to update either of these. We can override either of these values. Um, and just. Uh, as a quick note, let's take a note of the 660 here. 2:45 Um. If we look at profit or loss, we can see that that's all coming in correctly still. Um, there aren't any visual changes to profit and loss, but I did want to point this out because all of the state. 2:56 It flows together and so uh, it is related in a sense and there were changes made you just can't see because the changes were made underneath. 3:05 Anyway, uh, those are the new changes for phase one of offers V3. Let me know if you have any questions. 3:12 Thank you.