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Offers & Settlements - Variable Expenses

Offers & Settlements - Variable Expenses

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April 2, 2024
0:00 Hi everyone, I wanted to take a moment to quickly walk you through our new offers and settlement feature, Variable Expenses. 0:06 I got an offer pulled up right here and I've already entered some income items and some expense items. Today I want to focus on these new variable expenses. 0:15 You'll notice there's this new type column here where you can select a type of expense. Fixed is how everything worked before. 0:23 You provide an amount and you provide a quantity and we calculate the total for you. A percentage of gross, percentage of net gross, percentage of net, and percentage of expense. 0:32 Expenses, we call these our variable expenses because we'll be pulling in each of these variables gross potential, net gross potential for instance, from your show summary up here. 0:43 And the other calculations we've made. And we'll be pulling those in automatically as you can see here. This $18,200 matches our gross potential. 0:53 Uhm, you can enter whatever percentage you like. And we will calculate that for you. So 5% of $18,200 is. 910, and so on and so forth. 1:08 You can enter a flat percentage in here or you can go pretty deep with this decimal if you'd like. So we'll reset that back. 1:18 Uhm. The one thing to note about a percentage of net and percentage of expenses is that both of these are calculated after all other expenses have been calculated. 1:28 This is because both of them require expenses to have been calculated before they can come out. This is, this can be helpful in a situation like. 1:36 Make a promoter profit, for instance. So in order to calculate the percentage of net, obviously we need to calculate the net first and to calculate the net, we need the expenses and for a percentage of expenses. 1:49 The same thing applies. We need to know the expenses, so we calculate. Calculate all other expenses first, and that's why we get this less expensive section, and then after that we have our show net after expenses, and then we remove the final expenses. 2:04 These are any expenses that include a type. Of percentage of net or percentage of expenses. So we remove those to get our show net after final expenses, and that gets pulled into the the split as usual just like you'd expect. 2:25 So the other cool thing about variable expenses is this is automatically pulling into settlement as well, except now we have our actual numbers. 2:34 This is our actual gross potential, our actual net gross potential, our actual show net, and our actual expenses. And everything gets pulled in just as you'd expect. 2:45 You can see our final expenses are as they were on the offer except for real numbers reflected here. Another thing to note is you can also override these just like you can our other types of settlement items and this needs to be 8% instead of 10. 3:02 That'll update and flow through your show summary and everything will work just as you'd expect. If you need to delete that, edit again, and remove that. 3:15 Alright, that's all I have for you today. If you have any questions, reach out to someone on the OpenDay team. 3:20 Thank you.The speaker introduces a new feature called Variable Expenses, which allows users to calculate expenses based on gross potential, net gross potential, and net expenses. These expenses are automatic...