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Maximum Tickets Allowed Per Fan

Maximum Tickets Allowed Per Fan

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April 29, 2024
0:00 Hi everyone, open date has a new feature that I'd like to show off today, um this is a feature to help with ticket scalping and basically you're allowed to set a maximum number of tickets for a fan. 0:14 And how this works is that there's two new settings. The first one is in the settings page so click on it clicking on the cog and then the ticketing settings. 0:24 And this is the default for the venue. So for every new show that the menu dies it'll use this as the default. 0:32 Then when you click into an individual show on your calendar and you're setting up ticketing. Let me click into the ticketing settings. 0:40 Under the tickets tab under settings. Umm. This will be whatever this initially. It'll be whatever you've set your venue to and then you're allowed to change this. 0:52 So for example, if if your universal setting is eight but for this for some reason the show. You want to restrict people even more. 1:02 You can change that to four then click save. But for now I'll just leave that as eight. And to show how this works, umm I've got the order form pulled up here. 1:13 Umm. I'm gonna go ahead and add five tickets to my car and go to check. Check out and I've previously created it and I've previously ordered three tickets for umm the user pass at 1:30 And you can see when I enter my email, everything is good because our limit is eight and they've only, they'll- only have five. 1:37 But if I want to buy six of them and go to check out, we now pop up a message saying that they've reached the limit and unfortunately they can't buy that.