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Making a Show Advance

Making a Show Advance

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April 29, 2024
0:00 Alright so this is how you make a, uh, um, advance. Um, so we have, under actions, we can see print show advance. 0:10 That'll bring up people. Um, this is what it looks like. Or you could do action send show advance. And you'd have this sent out to, whoever you want via email. 0:22 Um, and this is basically just going to pull in what's in the show details. If you don't want something, say we don't want this Spotify pre-sale, um, we can hit this button. 0:37 right there, um, and that'll hide it. Um, so say we don't want that or, you know, the artist pre-sale, we can hide these. And now when we hit go, print show advanced, um, those should no longer come in as they were before. 1:02 And you can also add in, you know, additional whatever you want in here. And you put the time in. I'm sorry I did that fast. 1:12 Put the time in right here. Uhm, and it'll show up. Alrighty.