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Limit number of tickets by credit card

Limit number of tickets by credit card

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May 3, 2024
0:00 Hi everyone, uh we recently shipped a feature where we now limit the number of tickets a single fan can own, and we do this by matching their email address, and so let me show you a quick demonstration of that. 0:16 I'm adding 4 tickets to my card. I'm going to check out, and if I add my email address, you can see that. 0:28 I've reached the limit. Uh, today we're, I'm launching a new feature where we can also restrict users based on their credit card. 0:38 So, um, let's say, let's say a user comes back and they use a different email address. Uh, but they're using the exact same credit card. 0:55 And this is just a test credit card from Stripe. But I've already previously ordered eight. Pickets using this credit card. 1:06 And now I'm trying to buy another four when I click place order. My order is going to be rejected and it's going to tell me I've already hit the maximum number of tickets.