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How to get your Opendate events on your Website. Linking off, Embeds, hybrids, etc.

How to get your Opendate events on your Website. Linking off, Embeds, hybrids, etc.

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April 18, 2024
0:00 In this video, I'm going to show you a couple of the ways that you can get your open date events on your website. 0:11 A lot of times when you're switching over from one ticket provider to another, uhm, you are going to be hit in a difficult position where you're trying to maybe link off or create a embed widget or whatever you're trying to do on your website. 0:28 And I'll show you a couple solutions that we can do here. So, the first is that if we umm say you wanted to just embed an individual event. 0:40 So, if we click into our event and we scroll down here to tickets and we hit this three dot button and then hit that and bed widget we can copy this code umm this is just going to copy uhh the umm the ticket widget so it's not going to have any of those details that you put in event details it'll just 1:01 be the umm the check out flow so we can select our item here we can select our add on and check out so this is for if you want to have build your event details and images and put those right on your website and just have umm the check out widget right there on the bottom umm and then another Thanks for 1:26 So in this case if we look at like this is what a normal open date umm checkout page looks like and in the case of the widget we're just embedding this part so all that stuff that you put in event details won't be there umm now if you wanted to just link off to a page like this then that will be found 1:47 , right here so this is the I got a broken image in here but this is that image and as you can see before we just have that um ticketing widget down at the bottom now um we have a few other options say you wanted to embed all of your events into one area so say you wanted something like this um this 2:12 has Bye guys. All the events of that venue as clickable buttons that will bring you into the open date pages um and this is an embed that you can paste right onto your um website I'll see every time you publish an event in an open date it'll just come right in here and these will click off into the other 2:36 event. Now again if you want to stay away from embedding and you just want to link off we do have the options like this where we can build a page that is on the open date domain but it'll just have your venues events here. 2:53 We click into it, it comes to the event page. Umm, in the embed section that I showed you before it's just this embed uh event side but we can customize these for you with just a few specific details of your social links and your background image as well as your logo. 3:13 And what we do is when we put this logo in here we can have it link back to your website so clicking that logo it should just take us back to bottle rackets website. 3:27 Yep, and how they do it as they just have an event spot in here takes you to open day. Click this, you can go back to bottle rocket. 3:35 Kind of seamlessly integrate. So if you want to avoid getting into embed codes you can do it that way. Now another issue that you might run into is you might be on a ticketing provider. 3:46 That is umm something like show slinger that already has these embed codes. And it's hard because how are you going to put a link off of open date and what are you going to decide to switch over because your entire page is just an embed code of another ticketing provider's umm events. 4:11 So we do have a solution for that. We can on our end take those links and have it said these buttons We'll link off to your past ticketing provider. 4:23 Umm that's a custom integration we do so in theory uh say this Taylor party was still a event that was being sold on you know some like event writer, show slinger, or e- tics. 4:37 Umm we can set it up on our end so instead of this linking off to an open date page it would just link off right to your old ticket providers umm ticketing page. 4:48 That way you know you don't have to wait for all the your events to play off umm in order to start putting on. 4:57 Umm so I hope this gives a little bit of an overview of-of how you'd want to set it up. Again we have the individual checkout widget. 5:07 We have the widget that allows you to embed all your events. Then we have the link call. We have options like this umm as well as the individual. 5:17 You'll event link offs like this umm and then if you have a hybrid of two ticketing providers umm we can make it so these buttons click off to click off your old ticketing provider so you can have a hybrid of two ticketing providers umm in your events widget. 5:41 Alright let me know if you have any questions and umm uh, what route you want to take for getting started on open day. 5:49 Thank you.