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Guest Login - Access to Single Event in Opendate

Guest Login - Access to Single Event in Opendate

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May 3, 2024
0:00 Alright, here's how to bring somebody into just a single event as a guest. Um so we're gonna go into our event here. 0:09 And this, share this page, option, we're going to copy this, and you, You can just send this to whoever you want to bring in this guest. 0:18 So I'm gonna log out here. Um, and if I go to this link, it's gonna bring me to a password list sign up. 0:25 Uh, I'll just use my personal, um personal account here. Oh, that's already been used. Thank you. Um, I think I can do like that, right? 0:38 Is that possible? Yes. Okay. I've gotten a login here. Um, and now, I am just in this account. Let me bring it back over here. 0:58 And now this is what I can see. So this is logged into that password list login. I can see how many tickets, I can see the marketing assets. 1:07 I don't have access to the P&L or the offers as settlement. Um, so there's limited financial data. Uh, but this is what it looks like. 1:18 Alright, thank you.