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Fans Import

Fans Import

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May 20, 2024
0:00 Here's how to import fans into your marketing dashboard. So, um we've got our, if we click on marketing here, um we've got our fans section. 0:13 And these are people that have already purchased events on OpenDate. But if you have um extra fans you want to import, you know we have this option to add a single fan or we have the CSV upload right here. 0:27 Um this will be the format that has to be um entered. Uh email and phone number isn't required. So if you just have to email those folks that's fine. 0:38 You can download an example here and then make sure your data is formatted in this way as you upload. Um you just upload it right here. 0:48 Easy. upload there and the data will be imported. Alright, thank you.