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Exporting Tickets/Orders to CSV

Exporting Tickets/Orders to CSV

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May 20, 2024
0:00 All right, so here's a quick overview of the ticketing dashboard if you're going to tickets By clicking that little arrow you see your ticketing dashboard And if you want to export all these orders you can go hit this three dot button It's a export orders or export tickets If you do export orders there 0:30 will be a column in there that's subscribed to Venue and if those are true then that means they opted in for the marketing in the check-out process uhm you can also add attendees here if you want to add a comp ticket uhm and you can get an overview of how you're doing on your tickets sold, click into 0:51 admission and you can see how many have checked in uhm and that's kind of the basics of the ticketing dashboard.