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Exploring the Ticketing Widget

Exploring the Ticketing Widget

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May 20, 2024
0:00 Alright, so here's where to find the, um, ticketing widget. Um, so if you're on your show page, you go down, you got tickets, you hit this guy, you have embed widget, you can copy this code and we can give it a shot in here. 0:15 Um. Um. Now this is basically the ticketing widget. This one's got a seating chart. Um. So you can do the whole check out flow. 0:30 Um. Right in the bed code. Um. And. This is all. If you wanted to dynamically adjust this, you could look at C right here. 0:43 We have a confirm ID. Um. And say we were to change. Change that to a different confirm. So let's go try this one. 0:56 Copy this guy. Going here. I'll say boom. Boom. And boom. And this should just work for the other event. Yes it does. 1:10 This one's called test. I swear they're different. They just have the same um. Same seating chart in there. Let me just double check that yeah. 1:23 But that's the case. Um, here's the public event page. We gotta. We got that seating chart there. Um, if you don't play me a mirror there's one I could try. 1:34 That doesn't look exactly like all the other ones. This guy maybe? Okay, let's give this one a shot. I think it's that. 2:03 Yep. So that is how you do it.