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Custom Seating Charts

Custom Seating Charts

Alex Jensen
Written by
Alex Jensen
April 24, 2024

Getting Started With Custom Seating Charts

We have the ability to create a clickable custom seating chart that integrates as either an Add-on or as Ticket, see the video below for how this works in your ticket build:

What we need to build your first seating chart

To build your first seating chart we need an image that clearly shows a breakdown of the:

  1. Sections*
  2. Capacity of areas, tables, rows or seats.
  3. If you have tables can these be booked as a whole or individually. For example, can a 4 top only be booked by one person or can 4 different customers book an individual seat at that table.
*Think of sections as what you want to price and label differently. Sections will be pulled in as separate ticket types.

A good example of an image:

The following image clearly shows the sections, how many seats are at each table and how many tables there are. We also have a clear understanding of where the Stage and Bar are located allowing us to  easily duplicate this image in our chart builder

In Summary

Please allow for 3-5 days for the seating chart to be built after receiving the image.

Seating charts cannot be adjusted after being used for an on-sale event. Please double check that everything is labeled correctly and working as expected before going live with the first seating chart.