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Creating an Offer without a Date

Creating an Offer without a Date

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April 2, 2024
0:00 That's how you create an offer for uhm something that's not in your calendar. Go into pipeline, hit new offer, we're gonna do new event, uhm we can put anything in here. 0:15 Whoops, in your event name that's all you have to fill out and we're gonna leave the date and time blank and this will just default to TBD dates. 0:28 So we're gonna create this and when we hit preview up here, as you can see, it says TBD. Uhm, it doesn't have any dates on there. 0:38 And you'll be able to find this right in your pipeline. So here it is. Go back in here. And we're back in the author. 0:47 Alright.To create an offer for something not in your calendar, go to the pipeline and select "new offer" and then "new event." Only fill out the event name, leaving the date and time blank. This will defau...