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Changing the Venue of an Event

Changing the Venue of an Event

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May 8, 2024
0:00 Alright, so here is how you switch an event's venue. So maybe you created an event underneath the wrong venue. You don't have to delete it and remake it. 0:18 What you can do is go into tickets, edit tickets, and then under basic info, go into venue, and say hey, we're gonna switch this to Republic Cantina. 0:31 Oops, we got a blank capacity. You need a capacity there, and then we hit publish, and we're set to Republic Cantina now. 0:46 You can see it there. You can also do this with confirms, uhm, in the same way. We don't have it in edit details, but we can do create tickets, tap down here, change this to the Vogue, boom. 1:07 We don't even have to publish it. We can just go back to event details, now it's underneath the Vogue. Can we do this with holds? 1:24 This is the one place.