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Attach Notes to Advances

Attach Notes to Advances

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June 11, 2024
0:00 Alright, so we're on a event here. We can hit action, send show advance. And we have this option to include notes. 0:09 So we can say, hey, we want to include our load info, which in this case is just a bunch of text that says test. 0:16 Or we could say, um, we want to include this one. And this will just pull in what's in the note into your show advance. 0:24 So you can send that off. And so the rules are, it's whatever notes are attached to the event. So, I'll just delete these. 0:35 Uhm. And I can hit new note. I can pull in my template. See I got loaded info. I'll save that to the event. 0:47 And when I go to send show advance. There it is. I'm going to pull that note right into the bottom of our show advance. 1:00 There you go. Unfortunately, uhm. It won't print to the PDF, but from here. It'll work. There you are. So again, you could also save the notes. 1:20 It's in your event templates, um, in here. So, uh, if we want to, whoops, put in our load info and we're going to call this, you know, event template 100. 1:43 So, now that we have that event template, when we go create a new event, and we select our event template 100, and we put a start date on here, call it, why not call everything test, and we create an event. 1:59 Thank you for that. Notes will be right in here, so boom, we can go send show advance, select our load info, I grab it, yep, and now it's all right in here. 2:14 There you go.