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Adjusting Dates on a Confirm

Adjusting Dates on a Confirm

Alex Jensen
Written by
Alex Jensen
December 12, 2023


0:01 Alright, so the easiest way to switch the date on a confirm is to go into your confirm here. Go into show details right here.
0:12 You can see, you can change the event star Bye. We'll just change this to the 25th. We'll adjust all these as well.
0:23 And then event ends. We want this on the 26th set. Midnight. There we go. So then when we go back to our calendar, this has an AB and moved to 25th.
0:38 So again, clicking into here, changing. The date. Let's put on the 14th now. And. Back on the calendar. You can see it's moved to the 14th.
0:59 So that's the easiest way to adjust the date of the confirm.This text provides instructions on how to adjust the date of a confirm event on a calendar. The user should go into the confirm, select show details, and change the event start and event end dates....