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AddOn Requires Ticket Purchase - Upgrade Later

AddOn Requires Ticket Purchase - Upgrade Later

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May 20, 2024
0:01 As you're configuring your event, if you're selling add-ons, then at some point you're going to be faced with a decision. 0:06 Uhm, typically when people sell add-ons, that does not include admission to the show, and so you generally have to buy some sort of admission ticket, in this case a general admission or other, uhm, in order to buy an add-on VIP. 0:24 And when you're setting up your ticketing, uhm, the decision that you have to make is do you want to restrict your add-ons? 0:32 So that they can only be bought if somebody bought a ticket? Or do you want to kind of open it up to where they can, they can be bought independently? 0:41 There's pros and cons to each approach, uhm, and, uh, we can probably get into that in a another video, but let's, let's decide for this video that, uhm, you have these two ticket types, General Admission, Other, and then when I'm creating this add-on for VIP, uh, let's say that I've configured it that 1:03 you must buy a General Admission, uhm, this is kind of a contrived example, normally, uh, you would configure this to say if they bought any sort of ticket, uhm, they can buy this VIP, but in this case I'm going to omit Other just so you can see how this works. 1:21 Alright, so here's the, here's the event page, I'll refresh it, you can see that if I add an Other to my cart and check out, I'm never given the option to get a add-ons. 1:37 Uhm, if I pick General Admission, now I can choose VIP. So things are working how we've set it up. Uhm, and I'm going to, in an incognito window, I'm going to purchase a General Admission. 1:55 Uhm, so let's say that I buy this General Admission and at the time of purchase I decide not to buy VIP. 2:04 I skip that. Oh and also one other thing I want to point out. You're only allowed to buy for every ticket. 2:13 So if I buy two General Admission, then I'm allowed to buy two VIP. So this picker is dynamic based on how many Admission tickets you're buying. 2:24 I was kind of saying earlier there's pros and cons to each approach. The pro to this approach is that it's very unlikely somebody would show up to your event that has VIP but does not have a ticket since you're requiring it in the checkout flow. 2:41 And then we're about to get into a con which is, let's say that I skip buying VIP, which I'm going to show here, how do I later buy VIP if I decide to? 2:51 Alright, I'm gonna, I'm gonna run to purchase a ticket here. I'm on my development machine so I'm just gonna pull up a test credit card. 3:31 I'm gonna tell the system that the payment was received so these are valid tickets now. I'll probably get an email about those. 3:46 I should get my email receipt here in a second. There it is. So I've got my two tickets. Alright, so going back to our scenario we were talking about. 3:58 Let's say that a couple weeks passed. And I decide that I want uhm I want that VIP now. So how would I do that? 4:08 Cause I've already bought my general admission tickets uhm. And the only way to do it seemingly is. Is to come back here and buy another, some more general admission to then buy VIP. 4:21 Uh there's one other way to go about this. And that is. That is to create an account. On OpenDate. So. 4:37 I'm gonna use. And the key here is I have to use the exact same email that I used to buy my tickets. 4:44 Cause those tickets are now associated with that email in the system. So I'm gonna go ahead and sign up. It's asking me to verify my email. 4:59 Okay. So I've created my account with that same email address. Key is here is the order that I placed a few minutes ago. 5:08 And you'll notice that I can look at my tickets that I already own and then this button pops up that says upgrades available. 5:18 So, if I click on that, Now I'm taken back to the public page, but now I can buy VIP tickets. 5:31 And notice that the system knows that I already own the I already own two tickets. If I go back, it knows I own two general admission tickets. 5:43 Therefore, it's going to let me purchase up to two VIP.